5' 5" (165cm)

Imagine a passion so grand that the Taj Mahal was conceived to honor a loved woman - I delight in love fairytale fantasies of this magnitude!

I'm Chezarina, romantic, feminine, vibrantly sensual playful fashion model! an exotic mix of beautiful flavors; African American, Puerto Rican and French.

Well educated, I find great pleasure in creating, writing, painting and drawing. Art, history, travel, music and dance I enjoy immensely. I love luxurious moments and downtime equally the same. Whether it is a special experience spent glamorously on the Mediterranean Sea in St tropez or a quiet day spent on Lake Michigan at the beach on the Northshore; being one with nature renews my spirit. Maybe someday we will take off and experience a romantic island destination together! I delight in that romantic gentleman who adores his date, enjoys getting to know each other over playful dining, and elegant moments.

Your invited to gaze further at my website..until we meet eyes.

Affectionately yours,


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