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Porto Independent Brunette francisca

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+351 915062788

Age hidden, 5' 7" (170cm)  

Hello beautiful people.
I assume that you are looking to have some fun today, or maybe, all you want is to relax... However one thing is certain, you are needing to change your routine, step outside this mad world we live and share a different and special moment with a different and very special girl. And if you took your time, to check on me... That means that maybe I can be the one you chose. One thing I can tell you, I always give my all to make you feel special. Well... Let 's cut to the chase, and let me present myself. My name is francisca, I 'm 20 years old, raised and born in portugal, and I 'm based in oporto. I 'm 1,70 m of height and 50 kg. I know it is nice to be modest, and this will sound very immodest but I 'm not lying when I say that... I was blessed with an elegant figure and ravishing memorable looks. My skin that is softer than silk, my natural lips are soft and plump and have been compared a lot of times to angelina's jolie's, my eyes are big, expressive and green, my hair is long shiny with the same colour of chocolate - and I can tell you, these are only a few of the nature 's gifts, which I was gifted, I have so much more to show. As it is known visual is a pleasure, and first impressions are important. But visual isn't everything, and I don't only have the looks... I am also very educated, with my own opinions, I have special interest in arts, I 'm curios about everything interesting and I love to travel. I am sophisticated, but warm, and down to earth and I appreciate the simple things in life. I 'm vivacious, natural, and very feminine. I love romantic ambience, but I also appreciate being naughty. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that I am quite unique in erotic aspect? I 'm very creative and extremely passionate... My approach can be sensitive, artistic, genuine and totally perverted if that 's what you desire. I am open for giving and receiving nature and affection, from the one that desires to be my lover. I hope that by now you have made your mind, and have decided to schedule a very " caliente " date. Kiss your passionate lover francisca
  city and outside my country   2pm-5am


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