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Giselle Mcpherson

(647) 534-7588

35 years old, 5' 12" (183cm)  

As you're walking down the street, I am that statuesque 6ft leggy blonde that glides with a bounce in her step; smiling at everyone she passes in hope that her dazzling smile will be contagious enough to brighten someones day.

"I am full of sparkle and compassion; I genuinely want to make the world a better place; I love hard and practice kindness; I am loyal, adventurous, supportive and surprising"

If I have have left you even the slightest bit intrigued, I encourage you get a feel for who I am by taking the time to peruse my website.

My Stats!          
30 Years Old    
Blonde w/ Blue Eyes  
80kg | 6' tall  

Giselle McPherson xx
incall   outcall  
  Toronto, Ottawa   9am to 10pm