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28 years old, 4' 11" (150cm)

She is both beautiful and adorable lady. But her charm point is not only appearance, but also her behavior of serve you would be quite impressive. It is worth to play with her. All gentlemen of “ladies first” spirit, please enjoy full joy to be served by ladies in this japan our special "body wash" service will begin with assisting you to take off your clothes. Then she will take you to the bathing room and she will wash your whole body using her body. Good service is always top priority within the japanese culture. Therefore we believe you can only experience this in japan. Basic sessions include the following services. ・body wash ・blow job ・panty job ・french kiss ・licking (give and receive) ・full nude ・unlimited orgasm in other words... Better than sex orgasm!!
Service:outcall   $US 210 p/h