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Scotland Independent Brunette jewel



35 years old, 5' 2" (157cm)  

I'm an independent lady of pleasure based in Edinburgh. I am petite and shapely, with long hair and a brain that's able to keep a relatively decent conversation going. I thrive on compliments and flattery takes you... not everywhere, but definitely a long way with me.

I enjoy slow seduction, merciless teasing and everything that follows. I like taking time to get to know you better or explore with you, and I prefer thinking of our time together as intimacy rather than services. If this strikes a chord with you, I invite you to visit my website. You will find the link below this box, where it says "More Details". There are 7 years worth of photos there, including the latest ones, a video, a blog about my work and my contact information - plenty to help you decide if I'm right for you. Also, please understand that I don't do 1 hour dates, I start with 2 hours. Intimacy and connection don't happen straight away, they need to be built up and it takes time.
outcall   £380p/h - It's for 2 hrs as I don't do shorter dates
  London, Glasgow, St Andrews   By appointment


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    I've just uploaded a couple of my latest photos, they aren't even on my site yet (although it will hopefully be done tonight) - it's just that I can't wait, I'm bursting to share them! It's the best photoshoot I've ever had!
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    I'll be in Glasgow for a day next week, come say hello! And I so hope the weather will be good, I'd like to see the city a little.
    Apr 5 '16
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    Cambridge in less than 2 weeks! It's St Valentines! I'm looking forward to all the obligatory compliments, gentlemen.
    Feb 3 '16
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    Planning my first Manchester visit! Excitement!
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    Just back to Edinburgh from Cornwall! That was a journey! I haven't been to Cornwall before, it's beautiful, but my god, the weather!
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    Edinburgh Jewel
    An independent lady of pleasure in Scotland and beyond. For details please see my site.
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    Planning my next tour. Cambridge and London as always. Most probably from 4 Nov. Let me know if there's a particular date you'd like to see me.