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Lola J'adore

+33 652448215

39 years old, 5' 7" (170cm)  

Hi, I am Lola,

I am a French Brunette, well-educated (Phd), cultured, with a curious very passionate nature, porcelain-blue eyes, 1m69, natural F-cup & dress size medium. I do what I do best, freely and naturally for great fun, as a very pleasurable leisure activity, to give and most definitely receive great pleasure. I really adore the feeling, the passion, the sight, the sound of escorting you to pleasure paradise!

Some girls stimulate their passions reading about hot adventures, fantasies, arouse their imagination with what-if's?- Where I finally decided to stop wishing, stop fantasizing, just take my courage to hand, embrace this intense profound desire and finally do what I have dreamed about, deeply fantasized and yearned for since my early teenage years! After my only one regret was; Oh why! -Oh Why! - did I not 'move my ass' and do this so many years before! I wasted so many good years of amazing pleasure, desire and great fun!
Yes, I am simply a very passionate lady & you already know what I do best for fun, to give & receive amazing pleasure. ;-)

What I do now, freely, naturally, instinctively, it's truly my passion, my dreams, my absolute desire and my favorite leisure-pleasure activity. Truly J’adore Q

I am considered, elegant, Intelligent, cultured, beautiful, sexy, very charming, a natural, ideal partner for pure adult funnnn!!

> PLEASE NOTE:>> I charge you for "my time and companionship ONLY", therefore anything that happens between us while we are together is between consenting adults!

> SVP NOTE:>> - que tu paies 'seulement' pour mon temps et ma companie et que tout ce qui se passe lorsque nous sommes ensemble n'est qu'entre adultes consentants!
- Il est bien entendu que toutes relations plus intimes qui pourraient se produire lors de notre rencontre serait le fait de l'attirance entre deux adultes consentants. Et cela relèverait donc uniquement de la vie privée et serait totalement détaché de ma prestation d'accompagnatrice de charme!

> Rendezvous: “In/Out Call” - Grenoble region min 1hr! - You pay me for "my time and companionship only" - Any additional cost; Hotel, drinks, resto, clubs, motorway, travel etc will naturally be at the gentleman's expense! ;-).

> 'Hard-enough' to make a Rendezvous!?: As I do this for pure fun, as my delicious Leisure-Pleasure activity, I thus have very restricted openings ;-), I choose 'who-when-where', I am therefore often very hard to hold down! As I adore new experiences, my advice is book early and have imagination .....

> My preference: I expect a man to be a real man, perform well and know what to do! Do not seek or look for approval, when you perform - approval will be obvious when you take my breath away! In this respect, my preference is always for experienced men (35 yrs & above).

> My priorities: Play -Safe, Hygiene, cleanliness… fun, J'adore long lasting,'multi-intense pleasure' and passion! Simply, I am very greedy, very horny and I really can never get enough, Truly - J'adore ;-Q

> Taboos: Play-safe first, after this I have very few taboos. Your wish is my command and truly my great pleasure ;-) I expect a man to be a real man and perform again and again…. Do not be shy! j'adore, greedily want, desire, demand, accept every position, opening and profound multiple encounters. As I adore intense passion, to be surprised, my advice is, do not seek or look for approval, take what is yours, be a man, perform and take my breath away as I will do with you!

> Fantasies: J'adore the unknown, new encounters, each time I am truly like a little girl on her birthday, wondering what new exciting present I’ve received? So eager, excited, I simply cannot wait to unwrap, see, touch, hold, taste and play with my wonderful magnificent new toy! Truly; each time it’s a fantasy come true! - Now you would not want to deprive a girl of her dreams would you? ;-)

> Fetishes; I've recently discovered the magical new world of light BDSM! I can honestly say I amazed myself and all around me that I so quickly became an absolute-natural in this art! Immediately I found I truly adore this extraordinarily new experience. In the right hands, I find I can’t simply get enough, each time it just takes my breath away! J'adore to be dominated and at the will of a strong master! (Yes we all have our secrets, bdsm has become mine ;-))

If you think you are ready, willing & passionate enough, - it is my great desire, my pleasure to invite you in my pulsating world ;-Q And you, just accept your destiny and let a natural woman subdue this burning desire inside you!

Svp contact me for service & charge detail:
1st; SMS +33 (0)6 52 44 82 15
Note: I rarely have time to check emails, so SMS preferred.

Lola ***

PS. Hobbies Anything that makes me hot, sticky & takes my breath away ;-)
incall   outcall   €200p/h - Please ask
    8pm-1am, Mon-Sun