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Age Unknown, 5' 5" (165cm)   0 reviews

Unexplicable reasons drive me here.
This is my little island to explore my desires, my inner impulses that I can hardly understand.
I am just a normal girl with many dreams and secret desires.

Working in the field of art and health, this is a temporary dream to explore myself in a different way.

I am ecstasis, intensity and passion.
I can be wild and soft. Everything. Purest and highest

POETIC pleasure.
Embeleshing every moment.
Real from the essence.


I am real. Girfriend experience might be called. However it goes further. I am also open to discover together other pathways.

I can wait, I want to meet only a few men and therefore the high rates. Less is more.

Available only for those who know to appreciate quality, intelligence and real exchange.

Is it all we see or seem
But a drem within a dream?

E.A. Poe

Serviceoutcall   €350p/h - Two hours 700. Four hours 1000. Overnight 1770
Availablemap  Amsterdam   Netherlands and Internation travels in Europe.   depends


  • Upscale lady with passion, intelligence and elegance