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New York Independent Ebony sophiamorgan



Sophia Morgan

(716) 717-5056

26 years old, 4' 12" (152cm)  

“You are nothing like anyone I have ever met”, said Everyone that has ever met me. To meet me and experience me is to truly know me. There are no words, novels, epics, that could fit Sophia Morgan on it’s pages. It is easy to tell you all the basic things about me. I can tell you that I am a petite spinable type , and it is one thing to read about it. But to meet me and experience what it feels to have my small frame pressed against yours is another. The ability to hold me entirely in your arms. Wrapping my body in your essence and touch.

Surely you would love for me to describe my deep brown skin. Yet describing it will never put goosebumps on your flesh like feeling my skin graze against yours. Nor will it bring to life the glowing hue that my melanin emits. These are just things I cannot simply tell you.

And how can Intoxicating details of a yet-to-be-had tryst , give you the true cerebral climactic experience that I am sure to gift you with. There are just some things words nor pictures can describe. Me, I would be one of them.

My touch is genuine, my behavior is authentic, and I am sure to make that evident within every touch. Bringing you the most intense intimate experience you have ever had.

I will let my words end here and you can do the rest.
outcall   $400p/h - Ask and ye shall receive!
  Westchester, 5 Boroughs, Long Island   24/7