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Angel Pinky


20 years old, 5' 1" (155cm)

Care to help me out of these clothes? You, second person, singular, pronoun. You are a glorious personification of excellence. You have a successful career, an dynamic circle of friends, maybe a trophy wife or girlfriend in tow. You are a man who seemingly has everything. Except perhaps one thing..... You could never quite pin point it, but it seems like no one knows or cares to know the real you. Your desires, preferences, twists, turns, kinks, fetishes. Maybe you have tried to seek out a note worthy companion to ease this ache, only to have them fall short of what they claim. They draw you in with the promise of intimacy only to give you distance, they boast of authenticity only to show themselves equivocal. A sophisticated man such as yourself demands a certain cachet in all your dealings, especially in finding a proper companion. There are so very many choices, but few can combine the refinement, intelligence and beauty a man of your nature demands, and rightfully deserves. Akin to a fine gem, expertly cut and set, I have many facets to my personality that reflect all I do and have done. An evening in my company will leave you sated and yet longing for more, wondering where a woman like me has been all your life, embracing true passion with out the problems of a traditional affair. Let me introduce you to the concept of " passion sans consequence. " where even the darkest of secrets are kept safe and you are free to lose your inhibitions, one after the other. Book me today, get in touch with calie: bookings@mysweetAngel.Co.Za ___________ Sweet Angel team review: Welcome to jozi where the black chicks are thick and horny for dick. Jozi is the place where you can find brown bunnies willing to come over and have a lil fun with a complete stranger and be happy that you appreciate her beautiful body. The chick we have here is what I would call stacked!! She's got such a plump booty!
Service:outcall   $US 200 p/h


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