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27 years old, 5' 8" (173cm)

A liberal, very sympathetic young girl, who has high ideals, is exceptionally generous and thinks openly. She has still a positive attitude, so in your company you will feel comfortable and forget everydayness and worries of the day. She is charming, funny, she likes meeting new people and creates new friendship. She also likes flirting and is very sensual. She is very attractive. She is easy to flame and loves changes. She has a rich and happy sexual experience. She is able to be energetic and also very calm. She is not afraid to take risks, but she can have things under the control and use their great intuition. She is endowed with a distinct will and strength of her own personality. She has a great psychic power. She likes going into the depths of her own personality, reveals secrets and breaks the taboo. She can sense the wishes and ideas of others and respond appropriately to them. She has rich imagination and is creative enough. Otherwise, she is very gentle, tender, cuddly and loving. She is enthusiastic and devoted in relationships. rn
Service:outcall   €900 p/h
Available:   Prague, Vienna, worldwide  


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