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28 years old, 5' 7" (170cm)

A very female acting and attractive lady. She is reliable and practical, and likes things having under control and loves feeling of safety. She lives healthy, likes order and cleanliness. The communication with her is very pleasant, she is friendly and nice. She longs for love, harmony and likes flirting. She encourages seduction and is playful. She is passionate and has a feeling for the right moment. She has a strong sexual imagination and great ability of empathy. The fantasy and visions she likes to change in reality. She likes to be in touch with people, is cooperative and adaptable, and easily makes compromises. She is open to everything new. When needed, she can be spontaneous. She has a great ability to get excited quickly and motivate others. She is very popular. She has a lot of energy in herself, so she can catch on well. She's an active girl. She learns quickly.
Available:   Prague Vienna Berlin Munich London Brussel Dresden