Jheri Mae

27 years old, 5' 2" (157cm)

Hello Loves,

Have you ever wished to be with the woman that everybody just had to catch a glimpse of because she entered the room with an aura so captivating? She exudes confidence. The way she walks. The way she talks. Her authentic smile. Her presence radiates a light so calming, you feel utterly safe in knowing she's yours. You can sense that she is comfortable in her own right and nobody can stop her from being who she has chosen to be. Everything you see is a reflection of her essence.

Beautifully sculpted with equally beautiful body art. I am Jheri Mae.

I thrive on sensual dates that bring us through an electrifying wave of sensations!

Please visit my website for more photos and booking information.

Until we meet...

Jheri Mae
incall   outcall  
    M-F 10am to 10pm (unless Overnight+). Sat-Sun All Day.


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