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Barcelona or Madrid, Apricots awaits you in both cities. Look where our brothels are located and if something is not clear to you, call us anytime, any day of the year!

It was 2007 when Apricots made its appearance in the world of paid sex. Today it has achieved to be the most recommended escorts agency, but its aspirations go far beyond: Apricots wants to become the largest escort agency in Spain. Thus, from Barcelona, ​​where it manages two locations and is about to open the third one, it will fly first to Madrid and then land in other Spanish cities.

Apricots has great purposes, among which the will of revolutionizing the industry of paid sex . How? Spreading the idea of ​​an ethical, legal and voluntary prostitution; so it is no coincidence that the Apricots philosophy is based on transparency, legality and respect for the girls.

Apricots speaks sincerely and always keeps the promises it makes. It is enough to enter its website to verify that it is different from all other agencies. In Apricots.es you can breath a fresh and contemporary air, with a visual language that moves away from the classical concept of whoring. We firmly reject the excessive use of Photoshop. Customers will never be disappointed to meet the girls in first person.

The girls who frequent Apricots have voluntarily chosen to practice the oldest profession in the world, so they have no ties, the are clients, free creatures choosing by their head and will. The famous 'free will' that we've all heard. And of course, all the girls undergo to periodic medical examinations.

Apricots’ houses offer high standards of hygiene, so for each service you will always find a new set of clothes; these packages include clean and sanitized sheets and towels. We do not accept reservation on girls who are not available, so we can assure a 100% reliable service. All Apricots’ establishments apply the same rates, and the girls offer their services in our facilities, in a hotel or at home.


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