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5' 7" (170cm)

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The only garauntee in life is the present moment. Shall we seize it together? We deserve more than to get old and boring while playing by the rules. We deserve to see and be seen on a soul level. We deserve to slow down, savor the simple pleasures of coming to know each other, and sparkle with what the future might bring.

I'm an insatiable nerd, unapologetic foodie, and personalized lifehacker. As a recovering workaholic, I'm eager to preach the gospel on living your best life today, no more waiting for that next paycheck or promotion. Ready? Set. Let the rebellion begin.

300/ How much fun can we fit into one hour?
450/ Sometimes all you need is 90 minutes of bliss.
550/ Two hours to escape into each other.

+50/ I'll host at my luxe Financial District incall for a one hour date.
++100/ I'll host at my incall for an extended 90 minute or two hour date.
+++250/ Meet me for a social engagement or add social time to our date.

Send ONE of the following for screening purposes:
- Name, website, and email address for a companion from your past who can vouch for you as a reference
- A 50% deposit on our date made by Paypal or Interac E-Transfer along with a phone number I can use to reach you for a brief chat.
incall   outcall  
    Insatiable and available in the afternoons and evenings...


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