Divine Ruler Ororo Snow

33 yrs old, 5' 5" (165cm)

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Welcome to heaven......

I am Ororo Snow, you may address me as Divine Ruler. My ancestry has blessed me with a Superior bloodline allowing ME to RULE over all things inferior such as the mortal male that you are. I offer a luxurious alluring experience for the servant who is in search of Superior Feminine Rule rooted in deep rituals and spiritual commitment, mental stimulation and pain. Whips, bondage, and the Orisa. This will be the cornerstone our connection.

As a submissive you feel deep shame living life in a world that privileges men for simply having penises. The day has come and you are finally accepting pain as your pleasure, understanding your ego is no good here. Sadomasochism is a profound energy in that regard.

As an exploration of desire, deep servitude can become an amazing tool for discovering yourself snowflake. I assure you that in my presence, you will seek mental stimulation and knowledge of the Divine. You value the pain because of its capability to create moments that give you intense physical satisfaction and deep spiritual understanding. I have many passions and can’t wait to hear about yours. Let’s Play!


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Hello snowflakes. I hope you are lusting and saying your prayers to one day be in my presence. Until then go subscribe to my Loyalfans page

1 yr ago

This is the perfect weather for walking mutts

1 yr ago

Denying you of all pleasure for my benefit. I am your only benefit

1 yr ago

I'm on my way to pummel you.

1 yr ago

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1 yr ago

I love dogs that includes the human type as well. I feel like walking a little pup today

1 yr ago

I'm in the mood to make you squeal, dig my heels into your soft spots

1 yr ago