Ama Daisy

27 yrs old, 4' 11" (150cm)

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About Me

My name may be Ama Daisy, but all I want to know right now is who you are. Do you want respite from your busy schedule, the stress in your life? Do you want to forget about the boring and mundane and want to be in the company of a sensual, sexual and bubbly petite beauty like me? When you let the daises touch your skin, you'll feel the stress releasing itself from your body and you will only feel the touch of my hands caressing your skin, the kiss of my luscious lips on yours and your eyes and exhale knowing that you have made the right decision booking me. You'll open your eyes and stare in to my big brown bashful eyes, asking yourself why you hadn't come sooner, before reaching in again for a sensual deep passionate kiss...





Why wait until this weekend for your Christmas present when you can just book me?

2 yrs ago

Merry Christmas my Daisies!

2 yrs ago