Sasha Carter

29 yrs old, 5' 6" (168cm)

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About Me

You seek an escape, a packet of time that exists outside the craziness that life can sometimes become.

Whether that means sharing a laugh-filled dinner, stealing flirtatious moments at an art show or retreating to a cosy nook of a wine bar, you are looking for that right someone with whom the world disappears.

Am I that right someone for you?

Maybe, maybe not.

And, yes, I realise I "should" be trying my hardest for you to want to spend time with me in particular on here.

But I truly believe that for you to experience what you are looking for, you need to feel that certain draw, the one that can't just be persuaded out of you - and I've never been one to care too much about "should's" anyway.

So what could draw you to me?

Well, a lot of things! (Perhaps my humility?)

Although I have a mischievous streak, I am often described as "lovely" and "sweet" (still feels rather strange to write this myself!). I have a lot of aspirations spanning a wide range of areas (from art and languages to tech and maths) and there's not much my mind doesn't enjoy exploring - and that applies to carnal pursuits just as much as to the intellectual ones.

But, above all, I'm always my authentic self and - full disclosure - I can't act to save my life (I know, not something people normally brag about!). But it means that when you see me enjoying our time together, you can rest assured I really am - trust me, you could tell otherwise!

You have gotten this far so it seems I am the one you feel drawn to after all. Let's forget about life together then, shall we?


Flexible - please enquire with your preferred dates and times

Mayfair Outcall


In London only til Dec 20! Hosting in: Tower Hill - Dec 14 St Paul's - Dec 16 Otherwise available for outcalls and 2h+ incalls til Dec 20

2 yrs ago

Back in London - taking bookings here til Mar 17, then again from Mar 24! To be the first to know of my availability, subscribe to my newsletter through my site ♡

2 yrs ago

Hosting incalls on Feb 21 - last day in London and last time here before my rates are raised, don't let me slip by!

2 yrs ago

March incall days: Mar 15 - King's Cross Mar 31 - London Bridge Available for 3h+ dates in London and South East otherwise. To be the first to know of my availability, subscribe to my newsletter through my site ♡

2 yrs ago