Companion for Executives Over 35

46 yrs old, 5' 10" (178cm)

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London,United Kingdom - 2024-04-14 - 2024-12-01

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If you are a professional man over 35 who doesn't look for a couple of hours of tawdry sex in a hotel room but to develop a meaningful friendship with a partner on whose discretion he can trust, in whom he can confide, from whom he can learn, by whom he can be inspired, and with whom he can share moments he won't get elsewhere, why should you choose this one?

Kay-Lauren invites you to get some answers and start a conversation on

w w w . l i g h t - b r i n g e r - w o r l d . c o m


24 / 7 / 365(6) by prior arrangement only

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Where and when she does what for how much, why she's different, and who she is is on

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