Winnie Elle

28 yrs old, 5' 8" (173cm)

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About Me

I have always been free spirited and independent. Trying new things. Going to concerts. Dating boys in bands. Biking to the beach. Wandering around Hollywood day or night were common activities growing up.
I was the prime example of 'give them an inch. they swim a mile'. Either i was under the radar or living la vida loca. I loved my life in extremes. I stil do.
Affectionately known as little miss smarty pants. I coasted through college and spend a few years in the art department soaking up everything creative. I can pour/cast bronze. Teach a class. Run a print shop. Model. Succesfully promote bands and i am currently pursuing a PHD. A few years from now i wil be DR. Smarty Pants. Jack of all Trades. Devastating all.


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