Heather Harlett

58 yrs old, 5' 9" (175cm)

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About Me

I am not an "escort" -- I am an experience. I am famed for my multi-technique body rubs, my eclectic blend of modalities and my amazing versatility when it comes to interpersonal amusement and stress relief. We can do all sorts of fun things from playing dress-up to shoeless carpet tap dancing. Do you have hand puppets? If so, bring them along for a unique puppet event you will long remember. Am I sensual and erotic? Maybe. Or I could be senile and neurotic. Or all four, or on all fours on I-5.
Have you tried the "Greyhound Position" Simple. You get on the bed and I get on the bus to Santa Clarita.
Don't fret. Once you show up at my comfy private residence, just say to yourself "My best thinking got me here" and surrender to my creative ideas to entertain you. RELAX -- put yourself in my hands and by the time I'm done with you, you will utter such phrases as "OMG that was FUN!" "WOWIE ZOWIE" and "mfmfmmfmmm" (that's before I take the sock out of your mouth) I'm KIDDING!!! It's not a sock. Ok, where were we? Oh, I remember. You are calling me and making an appointment and bringing me significant amounts of negotiable currency. If you make an appointment you MUST KEEP THE APPOINTMENT.
All kidding aside, you will have fun and experience true relaxation and entertainment. You will keep coming because we will become good friends.



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